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minimalist clean home

Minimalist clean homes blogs introduction 2019

In this blog, you can find the latest home developments with a clean sustainable modern/futuristic look. We at Luvioni want to encourage nice-looking homes that are futuristic and sustainable, everyone should feel proud of where they live. So, in this blog, we will not only talk about stand-alone homes but also review other homes, flats, apartments and discuss what can be done to improve the state of the living area or completely rebuild. We will be discussing homes that are in impoverished and expensive areas.

Building minimalist clean homes

If you build homes that look poor, poor people will most likely stay poor. If you build cheap houses for the rich, it will most likely be left abandoned, all of this will cost money and isn’t very sustainable. If every house was built with high standards and nice to look at, regardless of your income, because we all know you don’t have to pick an ugly color or structure for a home for it to be cheap. With this blog we hope to set a higher standard, so that everyone, no matter their income can be proud of their home, big or small and contribute to being sustainable (which is cheaper in the long run).


minimalist clean home

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