What will happen to the insane amount of commercial products in 10 years?

Insane amount of commercial products

Commercial products will be more sustainable in the future or even fully sustainable and eco-friendly as there is a huge need for this to save nature (mankind included).

In the future, it will not be that easy to register a commercial company as they do now, there will more attention put to the sustainability, usability and added value to society and communities before a product is released.

Products in the future will not be wrapped in plastic

You will not see any products being wrapped in the future as this is a single-use type of plastic and usually gets thrown away as soon as the product is opened and almost never recycled, even if it gets recycled it often has no reusable value. And to be honest I think we humans can think of a better way to wrap our products?

Products in the future will not contain any sort of paper in the future

With the digital age, the paper will not be seen anymore in product packaging as this is never looked at and often simply thrown away or stored to accumulate clutter. Instead, QR codes will be used to scan the products and gain information for instructions or warranty, this may also be automatically e-mailed to a customer directly after purchase. This method is already being used by some progressive businesses by sending for example PDFs via mail or downloaded directly with the purchase executed online.

Products that are similar will force companies to merge or bigger companies will buy them over

Bigger companies that buy smaller companies is nothing new. @Disney, for example, gives quality content and has bought many companies to produce more content at extremely high quality. This will happen more often in the future with other companies where eventually you will have one or a few product providers that can differentiate for customers but still provide the best quality. There are too many different products that are basically the same but lack quality and just fill up the shelf and almost never get bought

. In the future, this will become an even bigger issue so there will only be some big brands that sell different variations of their products, all at the same high quality just like the Disney example. Most companies today differentiate themselves on how ethical and sustainable they are, but this will be the norm in the future, so it will be interesting on how they further try to differentiate.


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Something to think about

Small and medium companies all over the world use different locations competing, using different spaces and resources to make average products for relatively small profits. What if they joined forces and make bigger companies at one or a few big locations to make high volume at a high quality while still differentiating, they can have then an internal competition that stimulates growth. The customers get better quality products and services and the companies get a better well-run profitable business that is more sustainable and strategically smart.

Products will be made with a long-term use aim instead of short term

Products in the future will be made to last, not to be broken easily and must be repaired or thrown away. Long lasting quality products will be the norm of the future for everyone. Also, products in the future will be more useful, aiming more towards what humans need not what commercials want you to think that you want. What people need will depend per person, do you really need a cheap handbag that costs 20 euros that break after a week? Or do you really need a 4000-euro handbag to put chocolate bars, a book, and a water bottle? These small, but profound questions will eventually have to be answered seriously and will have a great effect on how people see products in the future.

Because after all, you the consumers are the one in control, you have the choice to buy or not to buy, to demand or not to demand. When you realize this, you can have more effect in the world than you ever imagined.

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