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Darkness belongs to the night, so give it back in 2021

Darkness, especially at night can be a beautiful thing.

This blog post was inspired by a seminar I followed where I discovered that you can actually be in control of reducing light pollution. We really dislike lights and suns here at Luvioni, hence the dark vibe of our website. We appreciate the value that the sun bring of course, because without the sun everyone would be screwed and light equals life most of the time. (there are fishes that live in the dark depths of the sea)

As said before, this is not an original idea and we tried to track down the original creator of this ”movement” (should be just a normal Daily part of life). We did find a website that looks like an organisation that took this movement seriously, we will be mentioning that organisation at the end of the vlog and some other memorable mentions as well that are taking part in this movement.

Pictures in a city with a lot of light pollution (clear sky)

France, Lyon

LUVIONI Darkness belongs to the night, so give it back in 2021 Darkness,belongs,night,2021
stars with light pollution

In these two different pictures at the same location in Lyon, only one star is visible. It was a pretty nice place surrounded by nature, and Lyon is a pretty ”lit” city, so even when being a place surrounded by nature and not a lot of light, seeing the stars still prove to be difficult.

Seeing stars creates inspiration and stimulates a hormone in your body that actually makes you happy. When looking up, you know that humans still have a lot more to learn and to explore. When achieving everything your hearts desire on earth, one can look up at the stars and know that there is more to look forward to, more to know, more to learn.

Now in the next set of pictures we will be looking at pictures in a location where there is a lot less light pollution.

Pictures in the mountains with limited light pollution (clear sky)

France, Gorges du Verdon

Darkness equals stars at night

Picture at a French camping

Darkness equals stars at night

Picture at a French camping edited

In this picture, where is was taken close to the French alps, you can clearly see a huge difference in what you are able to see in the dark. The picture on the left was taken with a relatively cheap camera with no editing involved, and you can clearly see the milky way. 

The picture on the right is another picture taken on the same day, but edited, and you can see how much more visible it is thanks to the less light pollution. There are less stars at the bottom of the pictures because that is where the light pollution is coming from, a camping ground.  This picture was taken at midnight for those wondering.

Why the darkness belongs to the night

  1. As said before, having a bit of darkness, can actually make you more happy and creative. Not to mention this can help you sleep better unless you have a complete black out bedroom. Having the darkness could actually be safer for people, because unless the other person has night vision goggles, someone can never see you coming or attack you (for example if you live in a dangerous city like Lyon.)

2. It saves a lot of energy, and saving energy means saving money, and saving money means that you can become richer, and if you become richer that means the people around you are more likely to become richer as well. People didn’t have this much light 500 years ago, so it is not that necessary for survival.

3. You can still have light and not disturb the darkness. Let’s be honest, light is a pretty amazing invention and without it we couldn’t even be writing this blog right now. But there different types of lights, and actually light that is just enough for you to do what you have to do and do not cause pollution is actually cheaper and safer for the environment. Most commonly known environmentally friendly lights are LED lights.

4. You can go skinny dipping at night again without perverts having a peek at you due to the light pollution, and you can spot abnormalities at night much quicker.

Inspiration and organisations we found in 2021 about a movement.

  1. Nacht van de nacht is basically an association, where once a year, organize a total blackout once a year at a certain location. They mainly operate in the Netherlands at the moment where you can contact them if you are bother by light pollution at a certain location. By doing this, they association will try to negotiate with the light source, and if all hope is lost, other steps will be taken to increase the chances that the light pollution will be dealt with.

2. The International dark-sky association is an association that operates internationally as the the name suggests. The association basically works just like the ”nacht van de nacht” but on a larger scale and with more organized activities, information and audience.

International dark-sky association

Nacht van de nacht

  1. Basically what we are trying to say is, if you don’t need the light, turn it off, if you are a company that has huge lights at night, turn it off, you won’t make more money.
  2. Advertise your company on YouTube or other social media’s like the other smart companies.
  3. Use motion sensor detectors if you are scared that people will go on your property in the dark and buy cameras.
  4. Subscribe to Luvioni so that you become more nature, sustainability and technology smart.
  5. Use your common sense or just google how to reduce light pollution, go outside and see if it works by seeing if you can see more stars.

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