The mission

Our mission is to join the world on the right path of being eco-friendly. We want to be a brand that supports electric cars such as Tesla, solar panels, nuclear clean energy, wind energy etc.
We basically want to support the future, a modern fully developed future where only electric cars will be found, clean air will be inhaled, and new technology will do amazing things and give the world a cleaner and sleeker look.
We want to be a brand that has an image of good ethics and using clean resources, as well as working with other companies that supports our view. There are already a lot of companies that are doing good for the environment and mankind, we just want to be a company that contributes to that in a large mainstream way.
We believe in selling ethical products and hope to work with companies that would like to use our platforms to expand the eco-friendly wave even more.

Our style

Our style can be described as outdoor lovers sleeping in the French Italian Alpes mixed with minimalistic high-class eco-friendly business.
Luvioni has more behind it than just a company or brand.
Luvioni is also an idea, a point of view, a state of mind, a way of life and we want to form a community, an image around being luxurious combined with being eco-friendly at the same time.
We do our best to provide you with the highest quality products, information & service with honesty. To do so we always try to stay up to date with the newest and most interesting environmentally friendly developments in the tech industry, clothing industry, financial industry and health industry, because beside food, we think those four topics are important.
Our products & services will range from apparels such as hats to more technical products such as e-books, futuristic gadgets and hopefully in the future, bigger technology.

The brand name

quoted by Luvioni founder-2018

The company name wasn’t always ‘’Luvioni’’.

The first time I decided on a new company name was when I chose ‘’Dark lune’’, which was also my Instagram name tag.

The ‘’lune’’ was from my old username in an old Star Wars pc game, which means moon in Italian and yes, I’m a huge Star Wars fan. The ‘’L-u’’ are the beginning letters of my real name.

The ‘’Dark’’ comes from my love for the moon, and dark because you can only see the moon in the dark. I always felt safer outside in the dark with the moon, rather than darkness inside without the moonlight. I like the moon so much, I had a telescope to mainly look at the moon and often see it as the light in the darkness.

It basically had a lot of Star Wars influence with dark and light, which I always found fascinating how the two often have conflict but balance each other quite good.

As my Instagram grew people found Dark lune confusing, because my posts didn’t really have a dark aura to it, and I thought people would find the name misleading and decided to change it to ‘’Dlune’’.

When I started to legally get the permissions to ‘’Dlune’’, I saw that it wasn’t unique enough and people might get the wrong idea of what the company is about or really didn’t have a clue.

I needed something that represented me and that was more humanly relatable and easier to explain and sounds in most languages the same. But the name still had to mean something, have an element of the old name while the same look cool. So, I came up with ‘’LUVIONI’’.

For a very long time, my nickname has been ‘’Luvi’’, so I knew I had to throw ‘’luvi’’ in the name but I felt like it wasn’t complete and found it too simple. So, after trying different things, I thought about adding my second name (Geovannie). I removed the ‘’geov’’ and made ‘’Luviannie’’, It didn’t look and sound right, so I made it to ‘’LUVIONI’’ and thus LUVIONI was made.


Logo meaning

The bottom of the logo represents one’s upbringing, one’s roots, beliefs and what he/she stands for.

The mountain top represents where one is in life right now, where YOU are in your life right now, at the peak of your life and the coming future.

To reach this certain point in life, you have seen and experienced many things in your life which shaped your upbringing, roots, beliefs etc. This has formed a certain point of view, where the eye comes in. It represents your point of view, whatever it may be. The eyebrow is added as a symbol, to people that take care of their eyebrow, dedicate their time to aesthetic, quality and almost perfection. We say ‘’almost perfection’’ because we don’t want to sell a lie, we strive to be the best and always look to how we can be better.

The slice in the logo has a lot of different meanings.

The biggest one is from the time the company name was still dark lune, one piece was the dark and the other lune. So, it represented that to reach success one must balance the DARK and the lune, where lune is depicted as the LIGHT of the moon. Because too much of the dark, you fall out of balance, same goes as for the light.

The second meaning is that there’s a gap in society that we would like to see closed. We want to see more people being connected in an honest way, less war, less conflict. It depicts that we are from the same origin (earth) but still manage to create a gap for ourselves and not connect. So, we at LUVIONI try to keep the mixture of culture in a balance and try to reach and respect every culture as much as possible.

The natural elements in the logo depict the company’s love and respect for nature and wildlife. Because we try at LUVIONI to stay up to date with green energy, efficiency and help maintain the beautiful nature we have in this world. We believe in being futuristic, without the need to destroy nature and its wildlife. We don’t really like pollution and trash, its kind of sucks for everybody… so we do our best to lend a hand! A lot of people have been trying to ”be green” for quite some time now and come up with a great invention, for that we at LUVIONI are grateful for those people, companies and organisation.