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Fusion Fuel, the most valuable green hydrogen company 2022

Fusion Fuel is set up to be the most valuable green hydrogen company in 2022, even forecasted to be profitable by 2023. This is the only fully 100% Green Hydrogen focused company that is listed on the American stock exchange, NASDAQ, under the ticker symbol $HTOO. We have recently conducted a 6 month-long research regarding green hydrogen, we surprised at our findings as we only knew hydrogen due to the hydrogen vehicle trends. If you have read our other blogs, you know that we don’t see hydrogen or green hydrogen as a useful energy carrier for electric vehicles. However, our findings have resulted that green hydrogen has HUGE potential for a lot of different uses and will replace a lot of current polluting energy carriers. The Green Hydrogen industry can be worth as much as 1 TRILLION dollars in the future.

So you might ask yourself, how in the world can Fusion Fuel be worth that much.

The Global Oil & Gas Exploration & Production industry is worth around 3.3 trillion dollars. Green Hydrogen might not be worth this much, but it has the potential to be worth around 1 Trillion dollars, which is one-third of the current Oil and gas. Green Hydrogen will be replacing aspects or supplementing the eco-system of the already large energy industry. The current hydrogen industry is worth around 200 billion dollars and is expected to be worth between half a trillion to 1 trillion dollars by 2030, all depends on how fast the green hydrogen infrastructure is adopted and tailored.

Fusion Fuel ($HTOO) currently has a market cap of around 200 million US dollars. If Fusion Fuel manages to obtain only 1% of the 1 trillion dollar industry, they should be at least worth 10 billion US dollars (Having a market capitalization of at least 10 billion US dollars).

Now Fusion Fuel also claims that they have a game-changing product, projects and partnerships secured, the first green Hydrogen company in a country (Portugal), which is close to the future green hydrogen hub of the world, the Netherlands, which might be Fusion Fuel’s biggest customer. Fusion Fuel also claims to want to be a global leader in the industry. There are currently not that many competitors in the green hydrogen market so let’s say Fusion Fuel manages to get a modest 20% of the global market, that means that Fusion Fuel should be worth at least 200 billion US dollars (Having a market capitalization of at least 200 billion US dollars).

This calculation is without taking into account if Fusion Fuel becomes a popular company amongst traders, influencers, YouTube Channels, forums etc. So just keep that in mind.

So yes, if all our calculations are correct (do let us know if we are wrong in the comments below), at the current amount of shares outstanding (12,720,000), the stock price could reach around $20,000 per share. At the current share prices, that means you could 10x, 100x and 1,000x your initial investment. All of this while investing in a sustainable company that positively contributes to the future clean energy industry of the world. I think most people like clean air,  and hydrogen can help provide this by taking the place of the majority uses of current oil and toxic gasses.

Fusion Fuel ( TIcker Symbol HTOO potential investors disclaimer

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Fusion Fuel Green Hydrogen confirmed partnerships and projects

The following pictures show Fusion Fuel’s confirmed projects and partnerships, all these projects are to begin operations in 2021:

  1. Portugal, Sines: A partnership with 4 companies that will generate 10,250 tons of green hydrogen annually
  2. Portugal, Évora: 55 Hevo- solar units which will produce around 60 tons of green hydrogen per year, which will be used in the natural gas network. (This will also happen on a large scale in the Netherlands)
  3. As mentioned above, Fusion Fuel will be using Hevo-Solar, which is actually a technology developed, patented and produced by Fusion Fuel themselves. The Hevo-Solar unit is comprised of little PEM based electrolyzers technology and can be mass-produced. Each Hevo-Solar unit can produce a total of 2 tons of green hydrogen per year if combined with other sources of renewable electricity at night, which can derive from the overproduced wind, nuclear, hydro or thermal clean energy sources.
  4. Morocco, Proton Ventures partnership green ammonia plant (ammonia is vital for the growing demand for important fertilizers). This partnership will help Morocco produce and supply 33,000 tons of Green Hydrogen Per year to produce 183,000 tons of green ammonia. 
  5. Spain: Fusion Fuel will develop an industrial plant to produce 35,000 tons of synthetic fuel per year, capturing 100,000 tons of Co2 while producing 14,000 tons of green hydrogen while doing so.

Fusion Fuel Green Hydrogen Forecasts

These forecasts are consistent with the information found on different resources and we at Luvioni think that they are even downplaying their forecasts.

Key points to walk away from with these forecasts:

  1. Sales of Hevo-Solar units to reach 21,930 units annually by 2025
  2. Fusion Fuel will have an asset portfolio of own projects worth around 600 million euros in investments alone, so just imagine how much profit and revenue this will produce.
  3. Production plant development is expected to start during the summer of 2021 (in a few months)
  4. At least around 500MW of electrolyzer capacity per year
  5. WIll start with outsources production and then start heavily with its own ( starting with outsourcing reduces initial costs, very smart)
  6. Around 150,000 tons of Hydrogen Production capacity per year by 2026

Fusion Fuel profitability and sales forecasts

Key takeaways from Fusion Fuel business plan earnings and hydrogen sales forecasts:

  1. Profitable by 2023
  2. Est lifetime project EBITDA 484 million euros and would have 21,913 Hevo-Solar units produced by 2025
  3. 1.5 BILLION euros cumulative EBITDA by 2025
  4. Fusion Fuel’s Green Hydrogen plants have a lifespan of 25 years
  5. Keep in mind the business is to be profitable by 2023, the company just went public in 2020, it took Tesla 16 years to even become profitable
  6. Fusion Fuel will mostly generate revenue from technology sales and hydrogen sales
  7. Costs keep decreasing as the years go by
  8. Huge governmental / EU support
  9. EU looking to invest close half a trillion euros for Green Hydrogen infrastructure

Global Green Hydrogen developments and potential projects

It’s no secret that a lot of countries around the globe are scrambling to get their hands on Green Hydrogen, however, the region that seems to be investing the most into this future MEGA INDUSTRY is the European Union. Even with this huge concentration within Europe, Fusion Fuel is looking to obtain projects in countries of Sout America like Chile, in Asian countries like India and countries that are a bit further away from Portugal like Greece, which is expected to produce/supplement around 30,000 tons in Greece alone.

People that invest in Green Hydrogen will not only invest in their mental health and physical health by contributing to cleaner air and future, they are also investing in their financial stability sustainably. Green Hydrogen demand is expected to grow by over 7x by 2050, so that is over 29 years. So say you are 18 now, and you invest in Green Hydrogen for 29 years, you can retire by 47 with more money than if you invest your youth into drugs in Alcohol.

Fusion Fuel is also trying to achieve what most hydrogen companies are trying to achieve, getting under that 2 euro per kg of hydrogen. When Fusion Fuel reaches this goal, it will be a game-changer for the whole world.

Green Hydrogen / Hydrogen researches

There are a lot of hydrogen researches out there, and as you can see in  the first picture on the left, Hydrogen industry has been growing exponentially for the last 14 years.  Hydrogen demand is according to some searching expected to double or 10 x with 10 to 30 years.

Conversion to 100% hydrogen

The conversion of existing gas grids to supply 100% hydrogen would lower distribution costs for hydrogen by facilitating much larger-scale supply; it would also enable sources of pure hydrogen demand (for example transport and industrial users) to connect to a common network.

The existing grid is not the only possible way to develop a future hydrogen transmission and distribution infrastructure, but it is likely to be the most cost-effective, especially at the distribution level.56 Some investment might be needed in key components of the grid, especially on the distribution network, but this should be technically and economically feasible

Thank you for reading our blog post, if you have any questions, arguments or think we forgot to mention something, please leave that in the comments below. If you liked this you might also like – Green Hydrogen is horrible for transportation but amazing for backup energy storage in 2030! -. We also have a lot of research sources in that blog post, so check that out if you are interested in that. We are also the one to write the blog post talking about –  Nio, the second most valuable car company 2022  -. Both sustainable companies and will contribute to being financially sustainable by investing in eco-friendly companies.

Fusion Fuel General information (We do not work for or represent the Fusion Fuel Green Plc. company

  • Fusion Fuel stock is traded on the Nasdaq under the symbol HTOO.
  • On October 2, 2020, Fusion converted into a public limited company incorporated in Ireland under the name “Fusion Fuel Green PLC.”
  • Fusion Fuel location: Fusion Fuel Green Plc.
    Rua da Fabrica S/N
    Sabugo, Almargem do Bispo 2715-376
  • Fusion FUel auditor: Marcum LLP

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