How society will positively advance rapidly within 6 months, life-changing

Increase in happiness-

  • People will become happier in the new society, they will have more free time due to no travelling to work and less unnecessary shopping and spending more time with their kids (which will cause hopefully a better upbringing) and produce better quality adults. Because some parents don’t have time to spend time with their kids at home, or simply dislike their child (not that they do not love them) they will buy more technology for the children, making the next generation more technologically inclined and informed.
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Increase in minimalism-

  • People will become more minimalistic and only buy essential items as they see now that the ”useless” products they bought before are indeed useless and does not add any extra value to their lives. This will cause a lot of companies to go out of business, these companies are either struggling or have gone out of business already. However traditional communities may still buy products to support their fellow friends and families, however, this can be counter-productive if they are buying none essential unsustainable items and just start to hoard.
LUVIONI How society will positively advance rapidly within 6 months, life-changing society,rapidly,luvioni,advance

Improvement in behaviour-

  • Because people are less on the streets, this will make children with behaviour problem less problematic as they do not ‘’hang out’’ with friends and do not get influenced by bad companions or vice versa. This is if, in their own household, there is no bad company to be met, like parents or siblings as the upbringing of a child also has a great influence on his or her behaviour. Parents and other family members must pay more attention to their behaviour now that there is more interaction with their child. If the parents want the child to be more successful than themselves, then they must drastically change their behaviour or at least act as they have changed for the benefit of the child.  As people discover themselves more by being alone, a lot of people will change their activity routine, some will drink or smoke less as they find enlightenment in their selves. However, it is unpredictable to know what will happen to large events, as a huge portion will see no need for large events anymore and another portion cannot wait to go to concerts. As self-esteem will grow, drug use will decline. Groups of teenage and adult delinquents will disappear as they will feel more unwanted in this new society and even more irrelevant than they already are.
LUVIONI How society will positively advance rapidly within 6 months, life-changing society,rapidly,luvioni,advance
LUVIONI How society will positively advance rapidly within 6 months, life-changing society,rapidly,luvioni,advance

Electric aeroplanes-

  • Travel companies will have a huge boom and will innovate more rapidly as people realize how much less pollution is caused by no planes flying around. The planes will make their transition to sustainable electric energy even faster. Companies like Eviation will get the opportunity to begin mass production for commercial airlines or partner up with already established industries like Boeing or Delta.
LUVIONI How society will positively advance rapidly within 6 months, life-changing society,rapidly,luvioni,advance

Overall technological advance-

  • People will believe and invest more in space travel to advance humankind, as people reflect more on themselves, people see how more important it is each day to get out there and discover. People also see that we still have to become more technologically advanced, as a vaccine for viruses still takes a long time with produce. This may cause quantum computers to run vaccine simulations rapidly in order to discover cures 100+ times faster.

Virtual reality-

  • Virtual reality will make great advancements, it is now a great opportunity for Virtual reality advancements. People can follow classes or seminars in a ritual reality world. This push in sales will advance the development of new features and quality.

Death of television-

  • This can also cause the full destruction of traditional television as more people post on youtube, Tiktok, Instagram and other modern social media. Old generations of tv host are also making the full transition to Youtube, squirting out the creators with less of a budget in the same niche. More entertaining content will be produced which will cause the comparison to be even greater and push out people with lower quality content, eventually.

Modern houses-

  • Houses and buildings will become more advanced, modern, and clean as this pandemic will up the trend of becoming clean as people see the importance of being more cleansed now. People staying at home more often now will keep realizing more and more what they dislike about their living quarters and will start to demand higher quality.

Empty houses and the fall of prices-

  • A lot of people will lean towards moving in with other people due to the loneliness of the current pandemic, which will cause a lot more houses to become free and lower house prices. People in relationships will either end their relationships or move in together as they realize this is a better choice and more economic and of course convenient in rare times like these.

Transition to more robotic employment-

  • A lot more jobs will move on to robots, as they are more reliable as companies see humans striking and cutting out and reducing productivity. To be honest, a lot of people in jobs, dislike their jobs or a certain aspect of it. A lot more people are starting off on their own, even business owners that are struggling right now prefer the struggle rather than working for someone else. E-businesses will see an even bigger surge during and after this pandemic. Robots do not strike, you pay them and they do what you are told, and they are also not subject to viruses or emotions (for now). Just think about all the restaurants that would still be open if they had robots operating it instead of humans; the robots can take the orders, cook, and deliver the products without becoming infected or sick or getting tired. Another great example is shelves in supermarkets, nurses, teachers, you can apply this to almost every profession. 

Decrease of meaningless jobs and an increase in creativity-

  • A lot of people will lose their jobs as some companies see that they are not really needed and were only hired out of sympathy. Companies can also save a lot of money by hiring fewer people and maybe put robots in place as mentioned above. Hopefully, if people lose their jobs they will become more creative and do some productive stuff to add value to society.

The disappearance of cash in society-

  • Because all stores encourage only electronic payments now instead of cash, people that did not use cards before have to make the transition and realized that it is not so bad. The older and less educated generation will most likely switch back to making payments with paper money or coins, but a vast majority will go in electronic payments, and the people that pay with cash will die out quicker than before. We have already made a blog about electronic payments, check it out if you are interested in the future where people pay electronically without cards!
LUVIONI How society will positively advance rapidly within 6 months, life-changing society,rapidly,luvioni,advance

Faster growth of Vegans and vegetarians-

  • Because the pandemic was caused by eating meat, people will be more warry before eating meat, causing more people to transition to a vegan and vegetarian diet. However, with people currently staying at home and not getting much outside, people can also start increasing their meat intake and become fatter. However because are pessimistic, we hope that enough TikTok exercise and diet videos will come out to help people maintain and improve their physical health.

Faster electrification-

  • People will start driving more electric vehicles and make the transition even faster as they see that less pollution was caused and they see the difference in air pollution, light pollution and sound pollution. Tesla has shown amazing sales volume, even in a pandemic-set environment showing its strength and potential. If other car companies that sell electric vehicles also manage to do this, the transition to sustainable energy will happen even faster.

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