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How to make your own sexy crypto in 5 minutes or less – 2021

How to make your own sexy crypto in 5 minutes - 2021

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1. Open the website

For this example, we choose to make crypto on the Ethereum blockchain and a Metamask test account.

2. Look for the blockchain you want to have your crypto on (left side of the screen

3. click on it

4. Fill in your desired crypto info (choices affect cost of crypto creation)

5. Click on create token

6. Confirm your token creation (price may be different for you)

7. Confirm token creation

8. Launch your crypto to the public market

9. Go to your token admin panel

You have to paste your token contract in here, please note that people can not send you crypto to this address, you have to use your wallet address. Click on ”Enter admin backend”

10. Control, confirm and add liquidity

Click on ”Swap listing” to go to the next step

11. Choose your market to deploy your coins for trading

Pancakeswap and UNISWAP are the most popular ones, this is the place where your token will gain its value and will be able to be traded. If you have a good business plan with your token, you can make a website, a whitepaper and this will give it more valuable. If your token is proven to be legit or gets enough momentum, it can be listed on exchanges like Coinbase.

12. Wait patiently until it goes to the ''moon''

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