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Hyperloop, the amazing future infrastructure in 2050

Hyperloop, the amazing future transport infrastructure in 2050

What is a Hyperloop?

It can be argued that the hyperloop concept is older than 200 years old, as the first patent first such technology was obtained by British mechanical engineer and inventor George Medhurst. Robert H. Goddard was the Elon Musk of our time and has made some great advancements in this area as well as rocket technology, Goddard had a great influence on the technology we see today and we wouldn’t be surprised if Elon Musk read his literature. 

As you would have already guessed, Elon Musk has brought the hyperloop trend back with his SpaceX’s Boring Company’s Hyperloop project, this has of course inspired many companies and has intrigued many investors to invest in this once again. You could say that Elon Musk is the Robert H. Goddard o our generation, but by a factor of 1,000.

Elon Musk

Same energy

Robbert H. Goddard

Companies working on Hyperloop

  1. SpaceX (The Boring Company)
  2. Virgin Hyperloop
  3. Hardt Hyperloop
  4. Hyperloop Transport Technologies (HTT)
  5. Zeleros
  6. TransPod
  7. Delft Hyperloop

1. SpaceX (The Boring Company)

You probably heard about this already when Elon Musk mentioned he wanted to dig tunnels and made a company that’s called Boring, but far from boring it is. Elon Musk is so busy with other revolutionary projects he decided to do a pod competition to get better and faster ideas. He also already open sources a 58 concept/idea/research report where people can work on top of that, adjust it, or come up with better ideas. They even encourage sending feedback to or

You can download the open-source paperwork by click on the button below.

2. Virgin Hyperloop

Virgin Hyperloop is a project of Richard Branson, Elon Musk and Richard Branson seem to have a lot of similar interests in the line of work they are involved with. Their interests are rightfully placed as what they both do is extraordinarily awesome. Virgin HyperloopHAS MADE HISTORY by having the first humans to ever test a real-life hyperloop, a smaller version of the eventual end product, but still.

Not only were they the company that made the first human testing possible, but they also have the world’s first full-scale working hyperloop, called Develop. It only goes 387km/h and is 500 meters long at the moment, but what’s your car’s max speed. Don’t judge a hyperloop by its length speed, it will get better.

Virgin Hyperloop has even secured several infrastructure projects, one of which is a very cool cargo project. The renders of the cargo hyperloop pictures can be seen here below.

Hyperloop, the amazing future infrastructure in 2050 Hardt Hyperloop

3. Hardt Hyperloop

Hardt Hyperloop is an interesting company as it is founded by young entrepreneurs that have a real thought out plan, and makes the vision very clear with all their plans renders. We have talked to this company and they expect that the hyperloop infrastructure, placed in Groningen will be realised by 2050. So the young men you see now as the founders will be old men by then, and that they are dedicating their lives to this, is commendable.

They are based in Groningen but state that one of their first projects will be most likely between Amsterdam and Eindhoven. The only thing I did not like very much about this company is that they stated that they don’t really plan to go public but they do accept private investors, but a minimum of 1,000,000 euros is required to be able to invest without any indication of how many shares you would be able to obtain.

We at Luvioni suggest that if this company wants to be successful, that they invest more in marketing, go public and try to have a full large scale project done by 2030 instead of 2050. Seeing that only 223,000 households in the Netherlands are millionaires, of which most of them have a maximum of 3 million euro net worth, we don’t see the majority investing 1/3 of their net worth into something that is promised to be finished by 2050, and then they have to wait 10 extra years to just get a return on investment.

If they go public however they have far more access to cash and far more resources and time to execute their project bigger, faster and better.

4. Hyperloop Transport Technologies (HTT)

This is a company that hasn’t been talked about too much and their renders are amazingly beautiful. Especially with all the waterway logistical issues that are happening at the moment, those ships that you see there might not even be needed when this thing exists. This company hasn’t thought about this yet, and it might be enormously expensive. But just imagine a hyperloop infrastructure that can carry as many cargoes as a large cargo ship and at 1/10 of the time to deliver and 1/10 of the cost. 

This company has been making progress by making valves and getting projects and tests approved, but there is still a lot to be done.

They also claim their top speed could reach 1,223km/h and 160,000+ passengers daily. Just like Hardt Hyperloop, it is not easy to invest in.

5. Zeleros

This company is still working on its prototype, but we like good renders and nice looking websites to see what they are kind of working on. It appears they are making a magnetized type hyperloop system where the whole Hyperloop pod floats in the air within the tube, if this isn’t futuristic enough of transport, then we don’t know what is.

6. TransPod

This company is working on a test track in Droux and they have made small scale tests, they have a long way to go but we at Luvioni feel like all these small companies could better dedicate their time, money and research to a bigger company like SpaceX or Virgin. But we support and appreciate that companies in Europe are trying to achieve something big, but they do have to work more on their popularity as without their research we would have never heard of them, and hopefully, you discovered this company by reading this blog post.

7. Delft Hyperloop

As we mentioned before, Elon Musk started a Hyperloop competition and some people, schools and universities have taken this very seriously. A school called TU Delft in the Netherlands is considered the MIT of Europe, has even started a ”company” due to this.

”The Delft Hyperloop team aims to design the best possible vehicle” is what they say and have contact information, they have no clear business goals or projects. I think they just want to be bought by hired by a bigger hyperloop company. Whatever it is, or if it is just doing research to truly design the best hyperloop vehicle, then well done Delft Hyperloop

Is it worth it?

If they actually manage to reach over 1,000km/h, yes it is absolutely worth it. Not only would it save time, but it would save billions or even trillions of euros in the long term. People don’t say time is money for nothing, but there is one catch. With the advancements of virtual reality and working from home arrangements, people are starting to feel less motivated to travel, but that doesn’t stop the billions of people that are still travelling and the billions of products that have to be delivered to addresses every single day.

How can you invest in it?

Unless they are SpaceX or Virgin Hyperloop, the best way to invest in these companies is to click on one of our pictures, find their contact information and kindly ask if you can invest. However, be very careful in investing in such companies as a lot of these types of startups are known to fail. These companies don’t tend to fail because they are bad, but they simply fail because they might get too much attention, they don’t have enough money or their technology doesn’t work or isn’t feasible in a real-world large scale scenario.

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