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Important companies that will help with the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure in 2021

There are important companies that are helping with the electric vehicle infrastructure

There are a number of companies that are making big moves in and for the electric vehicle infrastructure and industry as a whole. Let’s be honest, why wouldn’t you partake in one of the biggest shifts mankind have seen since discovering light or motorized vehicles? There are companies literally investing BILLIONS and BILLIONS and BILLIONS of euros with plans of investing even more BILLIONS.

A lot of companies are busy making electric vehicles at the moment, but who is really helping with the infrastructure that is needed for electric vehicles? 


It’s no surprise that without Tesla, we wouldn’t be here talking about electric cars in 2021, electric cars that can even beat gas-powered vehicles. Tesla is the single most badass company that has ever existed, what they do and will do is enormous for the progression of mankind.

So what does Tesla really contribute to the electric vehicle infrastructure?

  • Charging stations that charge electric vehicles. Tesla currently has (as of 01/09/2021) the single largest global charging network in the world. They currently have more than 25,000 charging stations around the globe. China has as a country the most charging stations and electric vehicles, however, per capita, Norway is the clear winner. Click here to see the number of publicly available chargers per country in 2020.
  • Solar panels can be directly utilized to power to charge electric vehicles.
  • Tesla also has large energy storage solutions seen in the middle picture here below. Tesla’s largest energy storage unit can store up to 3MWh. But the opportunities are endless if you order more where Tesla is known to have projects containing more than 1GWh.
  • Tesla also has power walls and has arguably started the Powerwall trend or at the house backup energy storage, because, before that, diesel-powered or gasoline-powered generators were THE BACKUP ENERGY solution. By combining your Tesla solar panels and Powerwalls, people can even make a net profit by having this.

2. NIO & JAC

Nio is the company that has made one of the hardest and biggest impacts in the electric vehicle industry. Nio is a relatively young company that is being seen as the ”APPLE” of the car industry.

So what does Tesla really contribute to the electric vehicle infrastructure?

  • They have made battery swapping successful where Tesla has previously failed. Their method is the fastest method in the world to get your car recharged. The battery swapping stations work just like you would swap a battery from a remote control (RC) vehicle. Nio is planning to have around 5,000 stations globally, it currently has just under 1,000 battery swap stations.

To put it into perspective, five thousand battery swap stations are equivalent to 65,000 charging stations. To compare even more, with a battery swap station you can have a fully charged battery between 3-5 minutes, old charging stations take around 20-30 minutes to fully charge your vehicle.

  • Nio has placed and helped the Chinese government place thousands of charging stations around China and has pledged to add thousands of charging stations by 2025 to help accommodate the massive demand. They also make at home chargers, so if you want to charge at home, you can!
  • What is also really cool about Nio is that if there is no Charging/electric vehicle infrastructure close to you, they will be the mobile charging infrastructure to you, yes, you can just call Nio if you see no charging stations in sight or you just want to go to the middle of no where. They will literally come to you and fully charge your electric vehicle….FOR FREE.


Tesla has made the sexiest electric cars that have ever existed, which has helped the trend of electric vehicles grow. Yes, their technology is amazing in their cars, but that it looks good, Elon Musk can tell you this himself, has contributed a great deal. That was before Porsche made an electric car, Porsche now has arguably the sexiest electric vehicles on planet earth at the moment. Beauty is the eye of the beholder of course, but having a huge company like Porsche make electric cars, has given governments and companies the extra confidence needed to invest in the electric vehicle infrastructure. So the most important companies that will help the electric vehicle infrastructure are in part the companies that have the sexiest cars because the sexiest the cars the more people want them. The more electric vehicles people like, the more they will buy, thus in turn the bigger electric vehicle infrastructure is needed. The more electric vehicle infrastructure needed, the more green/renewable sustainable energy is needed.

Porsche utilizes the same European charging network that Volkswagen uses, there is a total of more than 150,000 charging stations and Porsche itself has contributed more than 200 charging stations.

Porsche has also partnered with Qmerit to provide even more charging solutions for their electric vehicles. Porsche has also made 3 of their own brand charging solutions, some you can use at home and some can be used at home. The Porsche Mobile Charger Plus and the Porsche Mobile Charger connect can be both used at home and on the road.

Porsche Mobile Charger Plus

Porsche Charging Dock

Porsche Mobile Charger Connect


Volkswagen really focuses on convenience and fast charging for their customers.

Volkswagen has even made a relatively cheap charger, but also more expensive versions for people that need a little more. They are called the ID. Chargers and can be seen here below.

Volkswagen is even able to provide green energy for their chargers, if you don’t know what green energy is, it’s energy that has been derived from renewable resources. The project is called Volkswagen Naturstorm. Volkswagen, like Porsche, has also partnered with another company, but this company is called IONITY. You might also know that Porsche is part of the Volkswagen group, so if Volkswagen profits from something, Porsche will most likely see its benefits as well.

”We Charge: The charging service offers access to more than 150,000 public charging points throughout Europe. We Charge is a service developed by Volkswagen that has digital access to more than 150,000 charging points all over Europe and makes charging your ID.3 that much easier. You can also effortlessly plan routes following the public charging station network and navigate to available stations. ”

In Europe alone, Volkswagen has contributed more than 36,000 charging points. Volkswagen also claims that public and private charging location demands keep increasing dramatically.


You might have seen this company at different E-races as they are the biggest provider of energy at these sustainable races. Enel X can be seen at Formula E races, Offroad E races, Electric MOTO GP races and more. You might have also seen this company in the stock market, as it is currently priced under 7 dollars a share while paying 2.49% dividends. This company (ticker symbol $ENIA) is a hidden gem among the growth stocks as it is one of the only growth stocks that are actually making a profit off of their products and services.

How is this company profitable you might ask? Well, it is one of the largest contributors to the electric vehicle infrastructure as it manages 2.2 million kilometres of network with 44 million smart meters.

They are involved in solar, wind, geothermal and hydro technology. They actually have been working with hydropower for more than 50 years, they had the world’s first geothermal plant in Larderello, 1/4 of their renewable capacity comes from wind energy and are making innovative solar photovoltaic technologies. THESE GUYS ARE DOING IT ALL.

This company is working with cities, private homes, public homes, private businesses, public businesses, large businesses, small businesses, and most important infrastructure for e-mobility as a whole for different governments, private events, organisations etc.

This company is HUGE, which is why we might write a fully separate blog post for this.


ChargePoint is like the smaller Dutch version of Enel Americas but is still making a huge impact in the electric vehicle infrastructure scene.  Although Chargepoint doesn’t produce its own energy as far as we know, it does provide a vast amount of products, services, support and solutions. You can see Chargepoint as the new Worldwide gas station that provides you with the facilities, equipment, hardware, technology to charge your electric vehicles and have a good time doing it. They work with individuals, companies that are large/medium/small, trailer parks, truck parks, buildings, governments, you name it, they have been involved or are going to be involved.

This is also a company that is so huge that we might a whole blog post just talking about them. Just look at some of their products in the picture here below, what they are doing is amazing. Coincidently, they are also a publically traded company that is undervalued, you can get a share of this company at only 22$ a share at the moment with the ticker symbol $CHPT. 

They currently have a market cap of only 7 billion in the market that has a potential that can rise to 10 trillion. Tesla is already a company that is reaching that 1 trillion market cap in this market, so there is 9 trillion dollars worth of market cap still to spare.

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