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Is Nio one of the only 100% electric cars worth spending your money on in 2021

We’ll get straight to it,

The following list will be the only 100% electric cars or cars in general worth buying / spending your money on. Tesla is number one, of course, It has been the BEST-SELLING car in the United States and it has the HIGHEST RANGE and not to mention one of the SAFEST. Tesla cars being produced soon won’t even have animal leather but vegan leather which makes the cars even better and vegan friendly. Tesla has beaten most luxury gasoline cars at price, speed and appearance even with its cheapest car. The Tesla models are not in any kind of order from worst to best, because they are all the best but are categorised from cheapest to most expensive that are able to be bought when this post was published. All Tesla’s deserve to be at the top of the list equally because they are each a work of art and started the trend that will make breathing air on the street better and cleaner.

The max speed of the Tesla Model 3 will be even increasing with a software update…. a fricken software update!

The specs of the Tesla and all the other cars will be judged by what they can offer the most with their best specs, so you can get the best idea of what you are able to get.

Aside from Tesla, we are seeing Nio rising rapidly in popularity and expect to see it enter the European and American market. This is currently the only fully electric car company that is gaining market share fast and is loved by a lot of people and currently forming a huge community within China and already forming a community globally. Nio also currently holds the record with the fastest charging time due to their battery swap technology and services. Compared to Tesla the cars are being relatively cheaper than Tesla while still being of higher quality when compared to most of Tesla’s models.

CLICK on the name of the cars to configure and directly buy the car of your choice. Keep in mind that Tesla, Mercedes-Benz and Audi have the best-looking website for buying a car online and the fastest. Though the Tesla website has a significantly better-looking website, faster and more user friendly. 

Electric Tesla
Electric Tesla
LUVIONI Is Nio one of the only 100% electric cars worth spending your money on in 2021 electric,cars,spending,money,Nio
LUVIONI Is Nio one of the only 100% electric cars worth spending your money on in 2021 electric,cars,spending,money,Nio
LUVIONI Is Nio one of the only 100% electric cars worth spending your money on in 2021 electric,cars,spending,money,Nio
NIO es6 exterior
Porsche Taycan Luvioni

We suggest Hyundai make their website better looking and more informative, because by one look we cannot see how far the car goes and what it’s top speed is, but it looks good and has kind of the same range of the 2012 model S, so this is the only brand that can compare with range (from 2012).


This car looks like the upcoming car on the list but has a similar look to most SUV cars out there now, only this one is electric. This car has similar specs compared to the upcoming car but is more on top because of its lower price, but higher speed and slightly higher range.


This is a sexy unique looking car, there’s no doubt about that. If you want a more sport luxury looking car but are willing to compensate speed and range, the Jaguar I-pace is a better choice compared to the Mercedes. However, it is nothing compared with a Tesla of course.

Electric Jaguar I-Pace

The Nissan leaf is not the most attractive car when you look at it from the front, but it has nice build when looking at it from the back or sideways, where you can also see how many spaces it can offer. It has the lowest max range of the bunch but also the lowest price, you get what you pay for.

Nissan Leaf

With his car, you basically pay more just for the brand, because it has the lowest range as an electric SUV. We don’t really see how Audi justifies it price besides it claim to very fast charging. However, with Tecla’s new updated supercharger, they are close to each other with charging time, but you pay half for a Tesla and get more range.

Audi E-tron

It is no secret that Tesla has the best electric cars in the world to this date, however we hope to help you make a quick informed decision with the simple specs comparison we have provided and so that you know that if you buy one of these cars, it will not be a car that you would regret as Tesla even mentioned themselves in a shareholder meeting that these cars are their strongest competitors even though their competitors still have some room for improvement, they like that other companies are also starting to make great electric cars. However, we think that if these companies help support Tesla that already has the best cars, the future in electric cars will happen faster, safer, better and at a great price so that the whole world can enjoy electric transportation.

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  1. Ludwina

    I just love all the models. They look so nice, clean and beautiful. I don’t have the money the buy one, but with only eye shopping I’m already satisfied with all these cars, let say if I have one. Me encanta, ze zijn erg mooi. One day, who knows. Tesla model 3 and Nissan leaf are my favors and you?

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