First Luvioni Blog



This is Luvioni’s first blog and is created to inform you more about luvioni and the website, the website as you can see is still under construction and has limited access.

Luvioni will be having several services and products.

    • We will begin first with our blogs, informing about our thoughts about the futures and ideas to solve problems and how we can work together make a more awesome safe and happy modern future. We will also write about modern-eco-friendly solutions that are of high quality, practical and good for long term, not a short term cheap / not attractive looking solution. Ethical and social subjects will also be discussed with the aim of tackling human behaviour and how we can be better as humans. Because money still exists and is very important to achieve a lot of very important big projects, we will also be talking about finance, stock market / eco-trading etc. And sometimes we will discuss stuff that is totally off topic.
    • We will further gradually begin with our services in the business and private sector regarding consulting to become a better business or person, eco-friendly transition and financial guidance looking into combining with sustainability. This will be done all with modern and futuristic mindset thinking forward and long term and executed online, at least in the start, because who wants to travel, waste time and money while it can all be done from a distance with higher quality and lower cost.
  • We will then open our eco-shop where we will be only selling strictly eco-friendly high-quality products ranging from clothing to technology, because we believe that being eco-friendly is the ultimate luxury and products that are durable and useful is key to a cleaner, more exciting and happier future.
  • After that is successful we want to make an impact in the trading sphere because we see that it has a great impact on the world, we want to make it eco-friendly completely, it’s a big task but it is necessary, because money drives the biggest negative and if we can control that to use only for good, allot of good can be done and a lot of more money can be invested in what is good for the future.
  • We will even go into real estate, because what we make and has a big impact on the environment is what we make, and the biggest things we make are infrastructures and buildings, if we can make that better, more futuristic and sustainable, nicer looking, a lot of people will be healthier and happier.

We will try to write a blog once a week and see how it goes, this also gives us a chance to let our early customer check out and test our website before its full launch, so please have a look around on what is open to view.

Thank you for visiting! until next time,

The luvioni team