You are currently viewing Neuralink – A method to enhance mankind in 2021, massive advancements

Neuralink – A method to enhance mankind in 2021, massive advancements

Neuralink will be of the biggest method of enhancing mankind. In this blog, we’re going to be talking about enhancing mankind and landing a job that makes you a 100,000 euro’s a year. That’s right if you are qualified, we will present you a great opportunity to get you a job in operations, science or engineering sector.

Yet another Elon Musk endeavour, working alongside brilliant minds to make this possible, which was introduced a few weeks ago.

Neuralink is basically a biotech company working on a project for two years now and has built upon more than 100 years of research creating one of the most advanced technologies of its kind and safest (you wouldn’t expect less from an Elon Musk project). 

This device and operation are so advanced it can be only done with the help of a custom-built specialized robot. If you see a picture of this device, you may think it looks a bit like the device you have seen in the dark mirror (a great Netflix TV series). Maybe Neuralink secretly inspired the Dark Mirror device or vice versa.


What Neuralink looks like

The specially built robot is so precise it can even avoid tiny blood cells and might even be the most precise robot on earth completely built by the neuralink team. It is however monitered by humans, just in case of emergencies and where supervision is simply needed. 


The images Elon Musk showed looked very different, but this is how they might look in the future as we keep making progress. The first-in-human clinical study is even planned to happen 2020 (next year for you people reading this in 2019)

The neural link technology is so small and thin, it is thinner than a hairline and is such a low risk, brain damage risk will be reduced to 0. The work is so advanced, Neuralink mainly introduced their work so that they can recruit more people there. Only the brightest minds with tremendous work ethic (a bit of passion also helps) can work on this very important project that will greatly affect mankind.

The hole made into your skull will be so small you wouldn’t notice it. You don’t even have to have anaesthesia, the pain will only be disabled at the stop that it is being operated on, no hospital stays, and you get to keep your hair if you have any, so basically, nothing to lose. Believe of us, one of staff had a head surgery once, with only being given a local anaesthetic (so no sleepy bye-bye).


Next great thing is that will be able to operate it with the use of an app, a crazy thing in the future that may be possible is that you can do a software update for your brain. It will be looking like this, however might look different when you have it your own brain as it might still be updated to a newer version.

Neuralink app

As you can see in the picture the implant is very small, even smaller than the similar-looking device in ”Dark Mirror”(Netflix series). The device is smaller than a penny, just look at these photos. The only small downside is that they must make a very small hole in or even crazier download new information or knowledge (this is not possible yet, but with technology moving so fast, it is only a matter of time.

Neuralink size
LUVIONI Neuralink – A method to enhance mankind in 2021, massive advancements neuralink,enhance,method,mankind,2021

Thestarting usage of this device would be to control your phone, mouse and a keyboard so before we download any knowledge or information to pass all of our exams with ease we have to first take baby steps and learn to use our phone, mouse and keyboard with our brain and a little help of our little device in our head.

Neuralink devices

Thank you for reading our blog, here is the link where you can apply for those jobs to help mankind and make some big amount of money. Just click on the photo and I wish you a lot of luck applying for the jobs. Also, have a look at one of our latest blog, talking about how the world will positively advance in 2020.

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