NIO, the second most valuable car company 2022

NIO, the second most valuable car company 2022

We are going to touch upon the reason why NIO will become the second most valuable car company in the world. Nio is a fairly new car company but not that new as it has been existing since 2014, so it has some experience which adds only more value to as they keep improving each year and keep getting constructive feedback from their customers. The reason for writing this blog is that it is apparent that what happened in the beginning with Tesla is happening with NIO, with respect to people not really knowing about it and believe fake negative news written about the company. Not to mention, however, that financially, NIO is doing better than Tesla, if you compare financial statements on an equal timeline.

They keep selling more and more cars, even during a pandemic, their sales numbers are really impressive. They started selling cars and getting revenue since 2018, so keep that in mind when looking at their finances. Just to give you a perspective, they increased their sales revenue by almost 100% comparing 2018 to 2019. 

So what does NIO actually offer and why is it so awesome? Have a look and enjoy!

Nio has headquarters all over the globe as you can see from the picture above, however, it only sells in China at the moment. This is currently not an issue as Nio can become greatly profitable with China sales alone. However, Nio has plans of selling their cars globally, which is why they have already established headquarters all over the globe.

How you can buy a Nio car

From our research, correct us in the comments below if we are wrong, you can only purchase your car if you have the Nio app which can be downloaded here

The app is currently only available in Chinese as far as we know with a bit of English, but the app is so well built that not knowing the language is not an issue at all. Look below and we will show you how the purchasing process looks like where you can finalize your checkout by using Wechat, Weibo, Apple account or a phone number.

Luvioni blog Nio app
Luvioni blog Nio app
Luvioni blog Nio app
Luvioni blog Nio app
Luvioni blog Nio app
Luvioni blog Nio app 360 view
Luvioni blog Nio app
Luvioni blog Nio app
Luvioni blog Nio app

If you are already living in Asia, you are already familiar with this kind off online purchasing. A Chinese native that knows what he or she wants would be able to purchase a car easily under 5 minutes. Even though the purchasing process may be perfect for the Chinese consumer, we do recommend that Nio makes it clearer for the international audience to find where they can buy their well built electric cars. This is why we have formed a number of recommendations.

  •  Put a page dedicated to finding the physical locations of where they sell their cars and provide services.
  • Make it clear that you can find almost all the information on the app.
  • Make the app also available for Android users without having to jailbreak the phone.
  • Make it possible to purchase the cars on the website.
  • Make a full international, English version of the Nio app.

China has almost 1 billion charging stations.

Luvioni Blog China charging network

Even though China already has almost 1 billion unique charging stations, including public and private ones, Nio is adding to that number. Which is necesary seeing that China has a population of more than 1.3 billion people.

Luvioni blog Nio charging
Luvioni blog Nio charging
Nio battery replacement chamber

Even though China has a large charging network and keeps increasing it by more 50% each year, Nio does its best to improve customer experience with anything they can.

  • The biggest service and added value they have that really sets them apart is a functional and fast battery swap system which takes only 3 minutes! That is faster than you can change your Apple account password, craziness!
  • They even have mobile charging cars that will actually come to you when you are in a need of a quick charge, within 10 minutes you are on your way for 100km long! This is is tremendously handy if you ever get stuck in the desert somewhere.
  • Of course, they have various locations with charging stations for your Nio, however you can charge your Nio anywhere, so added bonus. 
  • Just like any other electric car company, you need to charge at home, and Nio can arrange that as well with their own at home charging station.
NIO Battery swap routes

Btw if you want to look even cooler while waiting only 3 minutes for your battery to be swapped, Nio also sells very high-end luxury clothing. They only need to sell food and then you have to full package ;).

And now have a look at the really good looking cars they have

1. Nio Formula E Gen 2

NIO Formula E 2
Nio Formula E racing

Yes, Nio has a Formula-E car which partakes in various Formula E races, a growing eco-friendly luxury sport which is the electric/sustainable equivalent of Formula 1. This baby has a maximum speed of 280 km/h.

2. Nio EP9

NIO EP9 Interior
NIO EP9 exterior sexiest luxury electric vehicles Luvioni
12_NIO_EP9_batteries sexiest luxury electric vehicles Luvioni

If you have more than 1 million euros to spare, and you like sexy futuristic cars, this might be the one for you with its cool changeable batteries from the side. If you liked toys as a child, this is a big boy toy you will never forget.

3. Nio Eve

NIO Eve top view
NIO Eve interior

If you ever wanted to go glamping in your car, this is the 5-star version of it. Long road trips in this baby would be like staying in your own private 5-star hotel while the car drives itself using autonomous technology.

Unless you are a formula E driver or have more than 1 million euros, these cars below are the cars you can directly buy now via their app.

4. Nio EC6

This car has a maximum range of 615 km and can go from 0-100 in 4.7 seconds, just look at it. A beauty.

5. Nio ES6

NIO es6 exterior

This car has a maximum range of 610 km and can go from 0-100 in 4.7 seconds, this car looks a bit more aggresive than the EC6 and we like it. Rawr.

6. Nio ES8

This car has a maximum range of 580 km and can go from 0-100 in 4.7 seconds, this car looks a bit more aggresive than the EC6 and we like it. Rawr.

If you’ve liked this blog and like electric cars maybe you will like one of our blogs talking about Porsches’ electric car. 

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