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Self-interest amazingly emerging in 2020, doing what we want

Self-interest in 2020

Self-interest is amazingly emerging in 2020, and this is good. More creativity and doing what we want can help society improve. Have you ever thought about why you are doing something? Why you chose what you did, and did it truly make you happy?

Of course, anyone can say follow your dreams, but the facts are some people feel trapped or feel as though it is impossible because they must pay their bills. Is it impossible or are we just lazy and afraid?

In this blog, we are going to discuss if you are truly doing what you want and if it’s in your best interest and in the best interest of others while still making you happy and keeping everything balanced. The next blog that will be posted will be about -what will humans most likely do as their daily ‘’occupation’’ in the future-, and what will we do with the ‘’free’’ time we have?

In 2019 people are still doing things they do not want to do regarding the jobs they have the schools they go to or the daily activities they do to a day to day basis for monetary rewards or social acceptance.

Why we want to do what we want

Some people say they are passionate about their jobs and happy, yet leave after a year or 5, so are we truly ever passionate when working for someone else? Are the choices we make wrong and misguided? Or is it that we just like to move from working place to another, which doesn’t seem so strange as we humans are not really made to stay in one place, we begin to move as soon as we learn to crawl. 

Humans don’t really like getting made to do something for others to profit while they are stuck with the breadcrumbs for all their time and effort for a long period of time.

 It probably doesn’t feel good for the workers to see their leader roll up in a 2-million-euro car while they are struggling to even afford a car. We are already seeing CEOs like @Dan Price making some changes by raising his employees’ salaries and making his equals to his workers so that they can feel more worth and enjoyment in their work and make everything balanced. Balance is key.

LUVIONI Self-interest amazingly emerging in 2020, doing what we want Self-interest,emerging,2020,want,amazingly

Luvioni is not a history class but if you look back at the general perception of work, most people don’t really want to do it. However, if you look at some people that are financially set for life, like Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, particularly in Elon Musk’s case. He doesn’t ‘’have’’ to work but still runs companies, does engineering and designs to make a better future because he wants to and has fun doing it (from what we see from his funny tweets and informative yet entertaining interviews).

Usually, people with power let others do the work for them and most of the time it’s through manipulation or slavery, meaning they do it against their will subconsciously and consciously.

Being busy gives you purpose, doing nothing can make you depressed, so what if everyone did something that gave them purpose in their own unique way while also advancing humankind emotionally, technologically and putting us further into space and explore the endless universe.

Follow us to get posted on when a new blog will be posted, because in the next blog we will be sharing what things you (humankind) can do or will most likely be doing in the future that gives you fulfilment, happiness, and money if the normal concept of money still exists in the future.

LUVIONI Self-interest amazingly emerging in 2020, doing what we want Self-interest,emerging,2020,want,amazingly

Recent developments that are emerging

Because there are a lot of people at home in 2020, they do not waste time travelling, they stopped rat racing they have more time to think. Self-interest is rapidly emerging as people discover more of themself and know what they want and want to do. People are discovering that they are happier with this extra time. People are taking up extra hobbies, people are exercising more, learning new skills.

 People are getting more creative, using the internet more, jobs are discovering some positions are irrelevant, that some people perform better at their jobs from working at home. This will make a lot of difference. Families have to communicate more, people have to confront their relationship issues. In the beginning, it might be chaos, but after chaos, there is usually a big bloom of order and serenity.

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  1. Anonymous

    That is what it is and it’s happening in 2020. Everybody is working now from home and it is productive. They are doing also one or more thing extra too for themselves at home. We learn more things where their wasn’t time to do. We have more time for ourselves and for others. We exercise more for example. Normally everybody leave home in the morning and come back in the afternoon or late at night and has no time for the house, kids, wife and not even for themselves. And now their were a stop and everybody start looking at each other and discover that there were somebody that they never known he or she exist. This is the start of a new beginning and from their we go again but this time together as one family. It can be you and your workers or you and your clients, you and your family and so on. Their is always a new start, a new beginning for you and in 2020 it’s happening. Do the best of it. If you don’t have a job, maybe you can sew, make some mask and sell them. Maybe you can cook, show it online. Maybe you can dance, teach how to do it. Just try and not be afraid to make mistakes, we all do all the time. Let’s hope for the best.

    1. luvioni

      Thank you for your comment, we like these add ons

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