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Should billionaires help Tesla and SpaceX in 2020?

Billionaires, help Tesla and SpaceX

The answer is a big yes, billionaires should help Tesla and SpaceX (if they need the help). There is a big investment in electric energy, however not really in renewables and clean energy in comparison to what is being invested in oil and how much the oil industry is worth now.

The oil industry is worth about 80 trillion euros, that’s 12 zeros behind the 80 and looks like this: It’s easier said than done but imagine what Tesla can achieve if 40 trillion was invested in it. It will have the possibility to put out even more superchargers around the world, make deliveries quicker and fill in the many orders it has for its customers even faster.

The electric car industry will help greatly with humanity’s future. Imagine if their superchargers over the world and electric cars, it would be easier for other carmakers to sell their cars because they would have more places to charge with an adapter of course. This implementation of using tesla chargers all over the world can be revolutionary and cheaper than gas alternatives and even other electric vehicle charging stations as Bjørn Nyland explains here in his video.

LUVIONI Should billionaires help Tesla and SpaceX in 2020? billionaires,help,Tesla,Spacex

The what-if

What if people even stopped investing their time and money building weapons which is estimated that 590 billion euro goes into war/weapon investment a year, that’s 9 zeros behind the 598. Can you imagine what can happen to Tesla if that kind of money was invested into it? Not only electric cars but also their solar roofs?

That the wealthy aren’t throwing up their money onto SpaceX, surprises us. That tax money goes to help war is upsetting when all that part of the money can go to Space travel. Space travel is the most important thing on earth to ensure humanities long term existence and prevent extinction and we may be the only animals on earth that can run away from extinction as Mr Kenneth Lacovara hints to in his Ted video. Luvioni would definitely invest in these type of companies if we had the billionaire status.

The reason why we want this company to succeed is that they have encouraged other companies to try harder and make Electric vehicles, go further into space and establish human life on other planets. No other company or a person such as Elon Musk has done such a thing in such little time. It is great that other companies are starting to produce 100% electric cars and other private space travel companies are starting space tours or looking to move to the moon.

However, think about this. What if all oil running cars stopped producing gas and diesel cars and started helping Tesla produce 100% electric cars or charging stations or supply them the materials they need. Start a new business model and help Tesla succeed for humanity’s own benefit while still making a huge profit.

What if NASA, Blue Origin and other start up space companies helped SpaceX accomplishing their goals. It is no secret that when resources are collected great things can happen. Imagine, just imagine where we will be in the universe if SpaceX and Tesla had unlimited funds, resources and support so that we can be a multi-planetary species and avoid extinction while being sustainable on other planets and not damaging it. Just imagine

In our next blog we will be having a look at different car brands that offer 100% electric vehicles and if they only produce 100% vehicles and what does it cost to buy one. We will be look at the appearance of the vehicle, price from lowest to most expensive, range and if the company producing it only produces 100% electric vehicles, so stay subscribed for that.

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  1. Ludwina

    We will see how it goes in the future with all these electric things. One thing is for sure now, the electric companies did gain a lot of money this year 2020, because a lot of people did stay at home for the virus where they use the air-condition a lot more than normal and don’t say the people that have to buy laptops and computers to do work at home instead of working at their workplace, etc. Let see.

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