Amazing sustainable city in Dubai, 2020

Not a lot of people are talking about this amazing city in Dubai; The Sustainable City, located in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai. It’s a housing complex and more like a small suburb but they call themselves a city, so we’ll do the same. 

A lot of cities can learn from this city in Dubai. This city in Dubai is completely 100% sustainable and has no fossil fuel cars and each house and car park is fitted with a solar panel. We don’t know if they have an all electrical kitchen, but if they do, that would be a clean city. 

Every citizen has the responsibility to lower carbon footprint, they actively contribute to the growing of the plants and vegetables. The city seems to have futuristic (they have been invented a long time ago) dome shaped structures which are one of the strongest and most efficient human structures.

What this city in Dubai has to offer

The city consists of multiple domes to grow required vegetables and herbs. Bio domes can be used for this purpose or to even live in, as most commonly seen in cold climate countries where people live in igloo’s (dome shaped house made from snow).

Bio domes may be the future of mankind regarding homes because of these specific characteristics, they perform well in really bad weather (look at the igloo’s environment), they regulate temperature, air flow and ventilation helps that not a lot of windows are needed and that the house can be naturally cooled when needed. Most useful, especially for a greenhouse it can receive maximum solar light.

All roofs are solar panels that you don’t notice, however we think that if they use Tesla’s solar cells, or something in the range of that kind of technology, it would be looking even better, and they may even receive more energy from it while spending less money when compared to the conventional solar panels.


The houses are designed for shade to reduce energy costs of air-conditioning, which is especially important for a warm place such as Dubai. This can also be applied for countries with warm climate, however also for countries in colder climates to put houses in the sun instead of the shade so that less energy must be used for heat or lower the houses deeper in the ground so that house can obtain more of that colder ground temperature.

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How can you make your own sustainable city?

If you want to make a sustainable city like this one in Dubai, check out these other characteristics that you can also apply in your own sustainable city structures.
The housing complex also uses UV reflective paint, that insures that the light generated by the sun doesn’t generate that much heat indoors.
Windows with thermal values, that insures that not too much heat is being lost or the opposite there of.
Evaporative Cooling pads which helps keeps the inside up to 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature with low energy usage.
They even have car parks with solar panels, but we think that it can also be implemented with tesla solar cell panels which will give more creative freedom of how they look and maybe even better looking.

All cars are electric and fossil fuel cars are completely forbidden, something every country should consider doing.
No cars running around where people walk and bike, so that pedestrians are safe, and the place are for the people and bicycles, no extremely fast-moving vehicles that can bring potential danger with unexpected circumstances.
The city grows its own food and the people living there takes care of it.

Zero maintenance fees, people keep the city clean free of charge and it gets maintained by workers that are paid by rent the city receives from outsiders.
We hope you like this blog, and we are going to be writing a lot more of different sustainable locations on the planet and give light to ideas that may have been missed and inspire countries or individuals to implement the ideas in their own living environment.

If you would like to live in this amazing sustainable city or just want more information feel free to click here!

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