The amazing green hydrogen infrastructure in 2030

The amazing green hydrogen infrastructure in 2030

The world WILL have an amazing green hydrogen infrastructure by 2030.

Go to your local government office and ask for their 2030 Hydrogen plan. If you live in Europe, your country most likely has a Hydrogen infrastructure plan as the EU HYDROGEN STRATEGY is a part of the 2030 EUROPEAN GREEN DEAL. Countries are busy spending billions to build a green hydrogen infrastructure, not only is this providing new jobs and is growing the economy, this is giving workers a new purpose and something to look forward to.

In this chart here you can see research done displaying the future demand for hydrogen needed to create ammonia and methanol. The general misconception is, or where the attention gravitates towards is; ”hydrogen shouldn’t be used for electric vehicles, hydrogen is too explosive and too expensive”’. 

Instead, people should be thinking;” forget about the cars, hydrogen can be used for much more important things like storing excessive energy and use it as the new-age generator, creating methanol, ammonia etc. 

There are a lot more uses for hydrogen but we are going to be talking about it in a chapter further down below.

Economies that are developing will keep building, and building requires steel. There are still a lot of economies that are developing, and if we go venture to other planets, our developments will increase by infinity amount.

To cut straight to the point, we have here, a theoretical potential for dedicated hydrogen demand for the production of steel.

How might hydrogen be used for producing steel you might ask? Just have a look at the picture depicting the methods of how steel is made, the left one shows steel being made but pollutes the air the one on the right indicates steel being made with no pollution to the air but also as a secondary use for electricity/electricity storage.

The amazing green hydrogen infrastructure in 2030
LUVIONI The amazing green hydrogen infrastructure in 2030 amazing,green,hydrogen,infrastructure,2030

As you can see here, Hydrogen can be used for a number of projects; hydrogen vehicles, synthetic fuels, upgrading Oil/ Biomass, Ammonia/ Fertilizer, Metals Refining, Other end-use, heating and power generation. 

At Luvioni, we don’t really think hydrogen should be used for electric vehicles, but we have already made a blog post talking about this.


So how is green hydrogen produced? There are different ways to produce green hydrogen, green hydrogen is basically when hydrogen is produced using renewable energy sources. (Yes hydrogen requires energy to create). 

Green hydrogen is predominantly produced by a method that uses electrolysers to split the water molecules. By splitting water molecules, you get hydrogen and oxygen, the hydrogen produced can be stored longer than conventional batteries without losing any stored energy if stored properly.

How can we speed up hydrogen adoption quicker before 2030?

The answer is absolute yes, we are trying to speed up the adoption of hydrogen ourselves by informing people more about hydrogen and hydrogen technologies.

If you want to help accelerate adoption quicker is to start producing green hydrogen yourself, by more people making green hydrogen in a larger volume, the price will keep reducing drastically. The demand for the facilities required to produce hydrogen will become cheaper because people will start making it in larger volumes which will allow other companies to invest more and hire more people long term.

Fusion Fuel is one of the companies that are tapping into the dependable demand for green hydrogen. They are making moves in Portugal, Spain, Italy and have a number of other countries on the list-making moves.

Start a hydrogen transport business because the hydrogen transport business will be as big as the hydrogen production business. Transporting green hydrogen requires special skills and care as hydrogen requires careful storage and transport.

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