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The amazing Cybertruck that will shape the new generation in 2020

Yesterday night on the 21st of November 2019, Tesla revealed a futuristic ”pickup” truck called Cybertruck and a full electric ATV that can be charged on the back of the Cybertruck itself. The Cybertruck itself is (9mm bullet) proof and the windows are stronger than your average pickup truck. The new-look definitely shocked a lot of people, but so did the first car, and the first crazy Lamborghini shape, it takes courage to pull something like this off, and Tesla really pulled it off this time. It’s revolutionary look spooked off some investors or motivated some shorters, but a good opportunity to get the stock cheap as people are already making an order to buy this unique awesome looking futuristic cars. 

The glass is stronger than any other production car out there, the body is bulletproof with its space-grade metal, totally crazy, there’s only one other car that’s made so strong and it is definitely not so cheap. In this blog, we are going to answer some questions people may have about the new Cybertruck and we will be making a small comparison with its only ”competitor”, the Rivian R1T.

How the Cybertruck looks like


THe cybertruck has an air suspension stailess steel skeleton frame with a back that automatically rolls away when wanting to use the cargo area as a storing area. 

Cybertruck interior


How Tesla compares with its biggest competitor, we are going to be looking at only its electric car competitor. Due to the spec and futuristic feel, the combustion counterparts are fore facts and specs sake not a competition for the Tesla Cybertruck. The biggest Tesla rival is the Rivian R1T, however, it crushes it with its price, range and speed. The interior can officially seat 6 people, but we all know those travellers out there that can fit like 8 to 9 people in that car easy.  

The interior looks roomy and completely unique with its shape for an electric car. It even has a futuristic steering wheel, being used in the roadster and race cars or other futuristic cars coming out next year. The marble layout looks pretty interesting, we would only have it greyed out or blacked out and make those sharp angles pointing another way. All in all the sleekest pickup truck interior we’ve ever seen.


Can you pre-order the Cybertruck?

  • Yes you can preorder it for as low as 100 euros, but the official release date is still unknown, so we don’t know when the first customers will be able to ride around to their favourite mountains.

Can you purchase that ATV?

  • Not yet, the purchasing of the ATV is still unknown, we don’t know if special clients will be getting it for free with the more expensive model or people with referrals will be receiving it for free or if it will be made in mass production or limited quantity. We do know that a lot of people around the world will be wanting to get their hands on this, especially with the growing popularity of electric bicycles, motorbikes, scooters etc.

Is it better than your current pick up truck?

  • Yes, Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes YES it is. Look at the specs for yourself, if you are looking for the best of the best, this is what you are looking for, maybe you have to get used to the look though.

Can you get the Cybertruck in a different colour?

  • Not currently no, but with such a low price, we already see people calculating how expensive doing a paint job or wrapping this baby in a matte colour or crazy pink will look like, the possibilities are endless.

The one and only relevant competitor

Tesla Cybertruck

Price: $39.900

Range: 800Km 

Speed: 0-100kmh in 2.9 seconds

Rivian R1T


Range: 644km

Speed: 0-96khm in 3 seconds


We do not work for Tesla or get royalties or sponsorship in any form. We try to give honest opinions.

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    It’s nice. It is a family car, a truck, a pick-up, a bedroom, etc. and the price is reasonable. I like it.

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