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The sexiest awesome electric planes you can fly in 2021

You are about to read and see the sexiest electric planes that exist in 2021

Yes, in 2021 you already have sexy electric airplanes you could possibly fly now if you have the skills and financial capabilities. We are going to be look at the sexiest fully electric planes, meaning that their motors run on only electric power and do not produce any emissions in the air. Only airplanes that have been seen being flown in the air are allowed to be on the list.

If you are new to electric motorized vehicles, consider reading our other blog posts, basically electric motors are less ear damaging, more efficient and cheaper to run. Electric airplanes are nothing new as the first electric airplane existed since 1903.

The sexiest electric planes shown in this blog are produced by:


Pipestrel may be the best electric plane company with the most in-air experience and one of the companies you can more easily obtain an electric plane from. They even have three different electric planes you could choose from. 

This electric airplane is has achieved the highest levels of safety, surpassing standard conventionally powered aircrafts. This plane is a two seater that can operate in cold, hot and wet conditions. The plane also utilized the SAE AE-7D charging plug with a topspeed of 108 KCAS and a max power of 57.6 kW MTOP.

For the dimensions, have a look below, for more airplane specs click here.

wingspan 10.71 m (35′ 1″)
length 6.47 m (21′ 3″)
height 1.90 m (6′ 23″)
wing area 9.51 m2 (102 .4 sqft)
aspect ratio 12.04
positive flaps 0° (0), 8° (+1), 19° (+2)
centre of gravity 24% – 32.4% MAC

Costing only 1 EUR per hour of energy to fly, making it one of the most affordable airplanes to operate. This two-seater plane has a max power of 60 kW 1 min, Cruise 50 kW @ 2100 – 2400 rpm and a top speed of 135 KIAS.

For the dimensions, have a look below, for more airplane specs click here.

wingspan34′ 6″ (10.5 m)
length21′ 4″ (6.5 m)
height6′ 9″ (2.05 m)
wing area102.4 sqft (9.51 m2)
aspect ratio11,8
positive flaps0°, 15°, 25°
centre of gravity20% – 38% MAC

This two-seater electric airplane with twin landing gear is perfect for people that want to step up from their old fashioned gliders and wan something with a but more power. This electric airplane has a max power of 40 KW 2 min/30 const and a top speed of 225 km/h.

For the dimensions, have a look below, for more airplane specs click here.

wingspan14.97 m
length7.30 m
height2.7 m
wing area12.33 m2
aspect ratio18,6
positive flaps0,+5,+9,+18 deg
centre of gravityrefer POH

In Collaboration with YASA, Rolls Royce has  possibly made the fastest electric airplane that has ever existed, however they still have to prove themselves officially in the air. If you did not know, Rolls Royce helped make War War 1 & 2 planes. It has a RP260D high power-density 260 kW electric motor.

This airplane broke some huge records by going around the world for 40,000KM using no fuel and powered only by solar energy. This airplane has a wingspan of 72m and weighs 2,300KG. This bad ass electric airplane has 4 engines and a maximum speed of 90km/h. Don’t forget the first car had a maximum speed of 16km/h, so just imagine solar planes max speed in 50 years.

Aerotech and MagniX do not directly create the planes, but they do supply the motors and technology to make flying eco-friendly with zero emissions possible. They help companies realize their dreams of making electric planes go fly in the sky, so much so they are even working with the next company on our list which is making arguably the sexiest plane that has  ever existed. Some people call it the most beautiful plane that has ever existed.

Eviation might have created the sexiest airplane ever created, and it is fully electric. This electric airplane seat 9 passengers, making it the perfect private future jet. But it is kind of strange to call this the the private jet of the future, as it already exists, so it is the electric private airplane of NOW. This bad boy has a max range of 440 NM, max speed of 220 KTS and a max payload of 2,500 LBS.

If we missed any electric planes you would want to be mentioned, please leave it in the comments below and we will do our research if it is to be added. If you like this blog post you might also like our blog post talking about electric boats and electric luxury vehicles.

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