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TikTok hype will replace the need for Universal Basic Income in 5 years

It is becoming apparent that TikTok and other social media platforms (if not banned) will replace the need for a Universal Basic Income. Everyone is now able to generate income with a bit of courage, creativity and a mobile device. This can even affect a future trying to become a circular economy. If people are more behind their screens trading in their time in exchange for entertainment, instead of money in exchange for material objects. The amount of money you can make with a social media platform such as TikTok is theoretically infinite. 

Just look at YouTube 15 years ago, no one would have thought people would be able to make millions of euros with it. TikTok, even it might only be a temporary phase like Vine, was created in 2016, and creators on the application are already making up to 25,000 euros per video. Aside from being able to directly make money from TikTok, businesses that are either small or large can promote their products and services very easily. Individuals that want to start a project or venture can easily gain supporters, audiences and new customers.

Further in this blog, we are going to be looking at different aspects of TikTok so you can better understand the platform, its potential and ultimately, its value to society.


TikTok has faster unfiltered news than YouTube

Because TikTok is currently very hot and popular, you can see people going to the TikTok first, rather than Youtube to share the latest news. Because TikTok is not yet so heavily regulated, you can still see the video after it has been deleted if you were already watching it. Giving the user time to screen record or download the video to their device. The only downside is, if you search for a piece of specific sensitive news, you wouldn’t be able to find it. On TikTok the news finds you, you don’t find, which begs the questions, is it a way to manipulate and alter your thoughts even though you are seeing the ”raw unedited version”. However, you can counter-argue this by clicking on ”not interested”, which will trigger the app to not show you such content anymore.

LUVIONI TikTok hype will replace the need for Universal Basic Income in 5 years TikTok,Replace,Universal,Basic,Income

What Quarentine has done

Being quarantined has made people get to know themselves better. This type of self-isolation and self-discovery hasn’t happened on a large scale for a long time. Because children and teenagers are physically not going to school anymore, they are not influenced daily by their friends and colleagues. Adults are not constantly comparing themselves with other adults at work or outside.

The other side is people have not got much human contact and are mainly interacting online and are influenced by what is seen online. Of course, being easily influenced online does not apply to everyone, just as not everyone is influenced by others when physically present close to each other.
You always have the weak-minded people that can both easily be influenced by what is ”positive” and what is ”negative”, even though when both can be interpreted or translated as either ”bad or good”, depending on how the person is individually influenced of course. The danger comes when the weak-minded are ”negatively” influenced and does actions that reflect their negative thoughts caused by such platforms.
Thus the self-discovery is to a certain extent actually ”self…..discovery”. It depends if certain people have discovered themselves from within or from external factors from what they see and perceive.

LUVIONI TikTok hype will replace the need for Universal Basic Income in 5 years TikTok,Replace,Universal,Basic,Income

Fast Recgonition

Aspiring content creators, artists, actors and singers that do not have a huge following on other platforms can expect to obtain a huge following on the TikTok platform. No matter what your profession, hobby or affiliation is, anyone can fundamentally become recognized on TikTok. Just like any social media, some content categories do better than others. If you want fast recognition, you need to have at least one of these factors:

  1. At least 4K video quality
  2. Character
  3. A story
  4. Humour
  5. Consistency
  6. Audience interaction
  7. Clean/attractive appearance
  8. Confidence
  9. Humility
  10. Respect

Not many people know this but just like other social media platforms, nature videos about for example beautiful beaches and mountains gain the most views on Tik Tok. However, these may not get the most followers or is widely talked about by other people as people prefer to talk about other people. 

Content with either comedy, controversy or where humans show their body with confidence and little clothing get about the same attention and views. The rest of the content is currently more random with their views and interest on Tik Tok. 

It truly depends on the user’s goals, interest, talents, motives, skills as to what they will do to gain fast recognition.

Sexual Freedom

A lot of people have been expressing themselves more freely because they are working or going to school online from home. Sexual freedom has been expressed on the internet already for some time now. However, it is becoming apparent that men and women and express their sexuality and show their bodies more freely without being ashamed for it.

You will always have the less developed and sexually unexperienced humans that still find the human body an anomaly, while almost 8,000,000,000 human ”bodies” are walking on earth.
Usually when someone finds another human ”attractive” on the TikTok app while at the same time expressing their sexual freedom in different ways, (whether it be a certain movement, choice of clothing or lack of), is when people feel that it is necessary to point out the obvious most natural features of humans publically on the internet.

Of course, pointing out flaws or a sexual part of someone’s body is nothing new for the internet. When an individual feels the need to create a fake account or use their online account to point out something of someone’s body in a negative or tasteless way, it is a great way to point out the sexually inexperienced, close-minded, low self-esteem and often scared individuals.

If enough people express themselves sexually more freely in a non-demeaning and self-damaging way, educate their audiences on the reason why they do what they do and why it is perfectly normal to do so and what they are trying to achieve with it, a fast revolution of acceptance might occur. However, it would be more essential that the people making negative and tasteless comments to educate themselves about what reaction their actions might cause and learn more about morals and values and it is the job of the audience to call someone out and educate when someone does make obscure comments.

Sexual freedom is the one thing simultaneously hindering and skyrocketing people to success on social media platforms like TikTok. It is the one thing people contemplate about the most in return for success and riches on social media platforms on TikTok. Hopefully, TikTok will cause the revolution needed to feel they can gain success with sacrificing their dignity.

Free Soul

Just like past Social Media Platforms, some people feel freer on the social media platform. They can express themselves more freely and get praised for it. However, we have yet to see if people that have become ‘’free’’ on Tik Tok, will always portray their freedom when they are not alone in a room with a camera looking at themselves. We have yet to see on a mass scale if their online persona becomes their real manifestation.
Why is this important you might ask? If people cannot discover who they are and express it, their souls will be suppressed, and which in turn will cause stress and cast upon negative energy around themselves, which in turn will tip the balance of negativity over the edge.

Being Yourself vs Following The Trend

There are two types of people on every platform, especially on Tik Tok. The trend followers and the trendsetters. There is nothing wrong with either, of course, however it is the original people that are themselves that make it big, just like every sheep and wolf movie. You can gain success by being a follower of course and twist in your unique way, nothing wrong with that at all. But long term success comes from the people that want it the most, try their hardest and produce original content.

Money and Purpose

Of course with all social media platform these days. There is no point in doing it if your goal is not to either raise awareness for an important cause, raise money for an organization or make money for your self.

Just like any other industry, you have a side that makes money producing, and you have a side that loses money or time to consume. Producers on Tik Tok can earn approximately between 500€ and 25,000€ a month. 

Thus it is possible to make money on Tik Tok, by getting the Tik Tok fund, gifts from strangers, donations from strangers, and promoting products for the company. Which as an individual is a pretty sustainable way and modern way to earn a living. Some young people are earning more than their parents with a traditional job. And adults are realizing this and trying it out too.

A lot of big company names like Formula 1, Red Bull and Universal Pictures have invested their time and money into TikTok, also household name Will Smith decided to invest his time and money into TikTok. Which begs the question, why haven’t you started?


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