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Timeless Staples You Need This Winter To Upgrade Your Parisian Chic Wardrobe

The 10 staples that will instantly give your wardrobe that sprinkle of “n’importe quoi” 

Look Rich On A Budget

You want to upgrade your wardrobe this autumn/winter? Well, that’s great! Here you’ll find a list (+ the shopping links of course!) of all the things you need to have in your wardrobe. If you’d look into the closet of any timeless and fashionable French lady, you’ll most likely find some of these items… 

By the way, just a little side note: I’ve decided to dedicate this blog entirely to my love for a timeless and vintage style, and the beauty of romanticising your life. I just started, but I hope this blog will be an inspiration for many vintage souls just like me. Have fun reading loves!

PS: I’ll just keep all my previous blogposts on here, but from now on you can expect a lot of vintage-related blog posts🌼

1. The Classic Trench Coat

Every woman needs a trench coat in her wardrobe. This staple is so chic, yet so practical, and it suits almost all of your outfits. The whole thought behind an elegant and timeless wardrobe is to have pieces that go well with each other. The trench coat looks good when you pair it with basic jeans, but also with midi-skirts. It’s just such a versatile staple and it also gives a vintage touch to your wardrobe!

2. Turtle Neck Jumper

The turtleneck jumper is a staple that’s both comfortable and chic. You can pair it with some high waisted pantalons or a beautiful midi skirt and you’ll be ready for the colder days.

3. Parisian Chic Jeans

If you want to look more elegant, start wearing straight-leg jeans. These will instantly give you more of a Parisian look, and they do a lot more for your figure than the regular skinny jeans.

4. Midi Skirts

They’re chic and they will keep you warm. That’s all there is to say.

5. The Perfect Combo: Satin Slip dress + Cardigan

Here are some amazing combinations that you’ll absolutely love. The comfyness of a cardigan with the elegance of a silk slip dress… It’s simply amazing!

That’s all! Thanks for reading and remember to stay unique❤

Love, Marinthe

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