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Top 5 sexiest electric vehicles you can buy in 2021

In this blog post, we will be looking at the top 5 sexiest luxury electric vehicles you can buy in 2021. We will be judging predominantly at the look/design of the car. We will be sharing the brand of the car, model, where it is designed, where the car is manufactured and the many different specifications of the vehicle.  Before Porsche and Nio, Tesla was the sexiest cars, but in the last years, things have changed drastically.

For this blog post, we are looking at 4 wheel vehicles that are either a Sedan, Coupe or SUV. These cars are vehicles that can be obtained for under 100,000 euros and are either available to purchase and drive right away, order and wait for delivery within 2021 or 2022. The demand for electric vehicles is currently extremely high, especially for car brands Nio and Tesla where the demands exceed the current supply. The criteria is that the vehicle must be a hundred procent electric, so no hybrids, gas or diesel, we don’t like oil at Luvioni. We judged the vehicles on how clean it looks, how minimalistic it is, how futuristic, the structure of the vehicles and the soul of the car. We only put vehicles in the list that we would buy ourselves. Even though we put various specs under the vehicles, we are only judging it on the appearance at the moment.

Click on the picture of the vehicles to take you directly to the website page to purchase to the vehicle you like. We tried to keep this blog post short and simple and actually put attractive vehicles, unlike other blog posts we have seen.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 sexiest electric vehicles you can buy.

2021 vehicles are arguably the sexiest vehicles that have ever existed in the world, ever. Unless some ”aliens” in some different solar system has created some immaculate vehicles. These are however the more affordable vehicles, we are creating a blog post where we are going to display the sexiest LUXURY vehicles which can cost millions of euros.

Get the towel ready, because you are going to drool, try to keep everything dry while you scroll down. Enjoy!

| 1.Porsche Taycan |

| 2.Nio, ET7 |

| 3.Tesla Model S |

| 4.Nio ES6 |

| 5.Ford Mach E |

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