What types of awesome jobs will people be doing in 2020?

In this blog, we will be going to look at what types of awesome jobs will people be doing in 5 to 10 years!

Different types of food testers

Foods may be produced by machines in the future, people will need to test food to see if it is good enough or ‘’human’’ enough to eat.


Home farmer jobs


Home farmers; because sustainability is a growing concern/trend, more people will start growing their own food at home. Some suburbs in Dubai already have community farms where the residence of a community take care of the plants and live from it, which the Amish have always done


Website/app creators

Most businesses will be conducting business online, it’s faster, cheaper and better. More and more people are going online and businesses that are not online will eventually go online, except for those that want to be completely offline


Space travellers

People that are willing to go outer space to colonize different planets, this will be a long process to pick the right people as it is needed to prevent people that will cause conflict and violence on a new planet. There will be great precautions taken to prevent this, people with a history of crime and violence will not be permitted to travel out to space as their kind will not be welcomed to spread, only the best kind of people will be allowed. Of course, there will be deep professional tests executed to determine the very best.


Space travelling is what people will enjoy the most because exploring and discovering is something needed by a human as we do this from the moment we are born.


Medicine professionals

In the future all medicine will be most likely be produced by a machine, however, there are still people needed to test those medicines. There will also be people needed to think of medicines that still need to be created, as we travel more into space, there may be new viruses and diseases discovered. the 2020 situation is a great example of this!


Creativity sellers and creators

Creativity will be an even bigger major subject in the future because people will have more free time on their hands, creativity will blossom even more. The biggest art sources will be found online where some are paid and some unpaid. This can be fashion, entertainment, news, gadgets, etc. The newest example of this is TikTok!


Doing appearance enhancements

Because people will have more free time, people will also focus more on how they look, so people will be needing other people to give them advice on how to look. On the other hand, Personal training will become fully online and automated. Makeup will be easier to put in the future with an easy stick to your face mould. Hair will be easier to cut for shorter hair as you can put your head in a machine in the future and it will cut your hair just as you want it, no more bad haircuts


Technology inventors

With more creative minds, technological advancements will soar. More things will be invented in the coming future aiming to be more sustainable, so existing technology will have to be reinvented and new inventions will start appearing as we travel deeper to space and discover new materials and energy sources


Game creators

Games are constantly growing popularity as they become more realistic and the internet is available in more places. People will have to come up with new ways to keep the game excited and making it more realistic and fun. A lot of games in the future will also be aimed to educate people.

LUVIONI What types of awesome jobs will people be doing in 2020? types,jobs,in,doing,2020
LUVIONI What types of awesome jobs will people be doing in 2020? types,jobs,in,doing,2020



With a universal basic income that will be received in the future, people will be less likely to steal, conduct in criminal activities and kill. People will seek a new purpose in life as some working will be no longer needed or wanted. People will create a system for those who cannot find a place easily in the new world.

Order maintainers

Because people in the future will be more likely to be less violent due to an increase in human intelligence. Only a small group of peacekeepers are trained to maintain order around all regions to set things right as soon as someone wants to cause others harm or discomfort. These peacekeepers will not only remove that person from that area but also try to understand that person’s behavior and find out why they are acting in a negative manner and try to solve it.

Debate organizers

Because there will be most likely no presidents, kings or queens in the future. The world will be led by structured debates where most votes win after an educated discussion if they pass certain intelligently structured criteria. To prevent choices that are not made with thought, only educated and informed people will be allowed to vote by passing an exam based on knowledge, intelligence, character type, history, and emotions.

Emotion trainers

People in the future will not let go of their emotions and feel less but embrace all emotions, fear, anger, sadness, joy, disgust, surprise, trust and anticipation as we need all of these ‘’known’’ emotions to be complete.

Sex workers

The oldest known job will still be existing as people will also crave sex in the future, maybe sex workers will combine their job with life-like robots.


The world will always need engineers to take care of the robots, invent new robots and maintain the technology that is created. Also, engineers will be a great influence on the new sustainable technology that will be made.


With a basic world income, that doesn’t mean people will stop trying to make more money. Financial professionals will be greatly needed to help people manage their money or give advice on how to grow their money

Product regulators

Unneeded products and an abundance of waste will mean that products will be more regulated to a certain extent. Products that are not deemed high quality and sustainable will be deemed unworthy and will not be allowed to be produced on a large scale or at all. We will be talking more about this in my next blog so stay tuned!

Do you think we have missed some professions that will exist in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Ludwina

    As we can see now in 2020, people are learning farmers work at home, they do jobs at home, they learn to keep their space clean, etc. And about criminal their are three types. One who rob because of no job and need food for their family, although they can do little things for food, like clean a house, do garden instead of rob. Second you have the one who do bad things to others just because that was what they do to them, they just need to learn pardon the one who did bad to them and look forward for a better future, don’t just get stock in the pass. And the third and worst kind of bad people are the one who want others peoples things. Things that one did work hard for it and they, the bad one, just want it, they just take to satisfy what are not theirs instead of getting a better job than take peoples things. Now let see what 2021 will bring. I hope that their will be job for everyone and that means that we need to be open 24 hours, so their will be a shift of 4x 6 hours every they from Monday to Saturday and Sunday everybody with their family, friends or just be at home relaxing. This is just another idea. See you.

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