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The ultimate portable water turbine technology in 2020

Ultimate Technology

A portable water turbine can be the ultimate technology. The most useful usage is that it can help the poor and homeless that have access to flowing water an opportunity to generate their own power. By having access to power and maybe a phone, you can already climb higher in society’s hierarchy as you see people making millions with just their phone and access to the internet. This is just one tiny example of the endless possibilities, comment on an idea you have below! Many companies and organisations have done research that the demand for hydro generated power will only go up, indicating that more funds will be inserted into the technology causing interesting innovations.

With the developments in the technology of portable energy storage, this product/technology can be wonderfully combined with the portable water turbine. You generate energy with the water turbine and store it in your portable energy storage for later usage or long term usage. 

Luvioni waterturbine Integration options

And with the ability to store energy, you can look at the possibility of providing power to a whole village, provided you use technologies that are made on a relatively larger scale of course.  Because the technology is relatively inexpensive, portable and easy to use, you can even think about energizing a whole small island or country with this technology.

Luvioni Feasibility

Even though this technology is easy to use, it can be difficult for the general public to maintain or repair. The best way to use this technology is as an asset, thus not only produce energy for yourself but generate energy for others and use it to educate people about its benefits and how it works. People can even think about renting their stored energy collected with the portable water turbine. You can go around rural areas where people are complaining about lack of power and charge them a small fee to use your portable energy.

Luvioni waterturbine Issues and solution

This technology in its essence is rather old, which has built up a sort of path dependency, however with the new developments of battery technologies just announced by Tesla, this can change a lot of portable products that require energy to be portable. However, to achieve this on a larger scale, more raw materials and resources are needed or heavy recycling and reusing are needed to meet demands.

Water Turbine from ''origin'' to 2020

Water turbine 2020

As we mentioned before the technology itself is simple, but making it portable is the most difficult part. As you can see in the picture below, the battery takes most of the space inside in the the technology.

Ultimate Technology

By using your imagination, you can apply this technology to different situations to generate power, the picture below on the top left shows what it has been used for already for years and sort of already been used in boats/yachts. You can also imagine using it with waterfalls, kayaking or hiking. You can probably use it even when mountain biking as the water turbine can also be converted into a portable wind turbine.

Luvioni Water turbine different applications

Here below you can see the advantages and disadvantages we have come up with. If you think of any more just leave a comment below!

Luvioni Water turbines advantages and disadvantages

Here below we score the sustainability of a portable water turbine. The production, people, Space and politics seem to be in balance as there is not much conflict with this technology or any major objections as of yet. Even though the production of the is rather sustainable if done correctly, the technology might still harm the planet if implemented on a large scale. If the product is swept by a water current, battery and plastic might pollute the waters because of this and contaminating it. Because this technology is still in its niche phase it is still to be known if a large scale production would result in a sustainable profit as this technology is being mostly implemented in poor countries through donations of organisations and private individuals.

Luvioni Sustainability of portable water turbines

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  1. Ludwina

    How strange it sound, in 2020 the animals were free and we were stock in our house.

  2. Ludwina

    Now, if the turbine can change from water to wind that will be cool. You can use it than on all types of bikes and skateboard too. Fisherman with their little boat will has no problem anymore, they need to have one in their boat in case of emergency. These are little things, let say bigger use, that will be another story. It will be nice to know more about it. Maybe my imagination can be totally opposite what it meant. See you.

    1. luvioni

      This idea is not so far fetched, this technology is being used in areas with lack of energy on a larger scale.

    2. luvioni

      This idea is not so far fetched, this technology is being used in areas with a lack of energy on a larger scale.

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