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Wave energy in the amazing country in Bhutan 2020

Why Bhutan is amazing

Wave energy is important in Bhutan. Bhutan is an amazing country in South Asia that is carbon negative. It has so much nature that it absorbs more greenhouse gases than it creates. On top of that, it focuses on the Gross National Happiness more than its GDP, awesome! Now that you know the basics of Bhutan that everyone should basically know, here is some interesting aspect about hydropower in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Luvioni Electricity sector in amazing Bhutan

Wave energy potential

Wave Energy in Bhutan
Socio-Economic Benefits Bhutan

We wanted to make this blog post as concise and short as possible as we want to quickly go through the hydropower usage in the Kingdom of Bhutan as we just posted an article about portable water turbines. This is an example of what the results can be if such technologies or renewable technologies with a combination of nature preservation and energy storage can accomplish. If you want to read more about Bhutan please click here to visit their official tourism website.

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