Leave amazing earth, explore in 2022 before humanity perish

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We must leave and explore

We must leave this amazing planet and explore other planets in the universe in 2022, before humanity perishes. Humanity must take care of the earth, but must also start establishing homes for humans all over the Universe, we are already planning to go to Mars and executing thanks to people like Elon Musk creating companies like SpaceX and the very smart people that work there.

There have been 5 mass extinctions in the history of planet earth, an asteroid can come with raging lightspeed any second and wipe us all out. Thankfully to this day, there hasn’t been a ”100% life extinction” on earth otherwise no living thing would be existing right now on earth except if they came from another planet and established themselves here a long time ago.

The idea of going to mars and colonizing other planets has become more and more popular and is becoming more possible each day due to the likes of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, especially Elon with his plan of making space travel more affordable. Stephen Hawking has also talked about this a lot, along with Elon Musk and the many intelligent people at SpaceX

The question is why in the world is this not a more talked about topic and why are people still thinking about the short-term topics instead of thinking long term and going to space. You see this in movies and people like seeing this on the big screen, but do people believe in it or do they keep seeing it as science fiction while what they are seeing on the big screen can very much be a reality.

There is a bunch of things humanity can focus on instead of the regular popular talked about topics, we’re not saying humanity can’t have some fun, otherwise, there is no point in life, but that we must realize what is important. We can have a look at what kind of education is being offered and what kind of future it is being created by teaching those very studies, most people are already questioning the existence and worth of some schools and diplomas (that doesn’t mean learning and studying is worthless but knowing the right information can be of infinite value). 


We’re going to strictly talk about the reasons why we should establish places outside of earth and how we may be able to do it and leave.

The biggest reason is human and life survival, it would be a shame if everything we created, the sacrifices we made were all for nothing if the whole human bloodline disappeared.
The second reason is to have a second chance, imagine if we only send smart ethical people to a new planet and they only have smart ethical children. An Ethiopia can be created with this, however not appreciated by a lot of people and is a world without violence, crime and emotional pain possible? I guess we will never know until that world exists. What would a whole planet be alike with only vegans/vegetarians and Elon Musks? Pretty crazy to think about and probably not fun but who knows, maybe it is.
The third reason, it’s simply cool, I think we could be proud if we can establish a civilization on different planets without destroying the natural habitat or potential alien civilization and establish only sustainable infrastructure and homes.
The fourth reason, exploration, and discovery. Just imagine how long it took to discover all the minerals, cells and elements available on earth and nearby planets, just imagine what can be found if we safely research what is on other planets close by and do planet-hopping
When people think of extinctions they think of only one, the dinosaur extinction, but many people don’t know that there has been more than 1. So, in this blog piece, we are also going to be discussing why humans should develop civilizations on different planets in the universe.
99% of species that ever existed have been extinct since this date, so If we want to stay here longer, we have to make sure we do anything we can to make it millions and millions of years and experience different human evolutions and maybe we will become something else if we started as fish, just imagine what we would become after 1 million years.

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The first extinction was from the Ordovician extinction, which consisted mainly of sea creatures, glacier and falls in sea level caused by big pieces of land moving to the polar region which made it icy cold there.

The second extinction is the Devonian extinction, which was mainly caused by global cooling due to an excessive amount of plants.
The third one was the Permian extinction that was caused mainly by the combination of comets and asteroids, Siberian traps, mega volcanic eruptions, and underwater volcanic activities.
The fourth one was the Triassic extinction which was caused mainly by global warming due to land breaking up and volcanic activities.
And then you have the fifth, the KT / cretaceous tertiary period which was caused mainly by a giant asteroid, heavy winter periods and volcanic eruptions.

If you want to see a visualization about all the extinction and all the lives that have disappeared, check out this video. (not owned by luvioni)

What might be the sixth mass extinction is the human extinction period, if we do not do more than we are already doing, humanity might become extinct due to widely known reasons such as rising CO2 levels, wars on each other and nuclear threats or chemical accidents, the destruction of nature and not to mention the killing & captivity of animals. 

I mean would you like it if someone holds you against your will, you scream every day for help, get mistreated when you do scream or resist and get your throat cut open and then get eaten by billions of people. Pollution caused by human waste and overharvesting cause earthquakes and deforestation and people is already dying due to this. We are already acting, but the threat will be gone when every single human takes part in this mission to keep the world safe for every little thing, I mean there are more ants than there are humans. 

Every single ant has a purpose and works together to protect their queen, there can also be an underlying reason that we humans are not aware of. Just imagine if 7 billion people worked together, I mean worked together instead of against each other and compete which can cause ill wishes towards your competitor and attempt to make them fail just so you can come on top. If we humans worked together, I mean worked together, human hunger could have been solved yesterday, everyone has a nice place to live and we would have been a civilization that has already step foot on many different planets and establish homes there.

Let’s talk about immediate threats to humankind, let’s say a planet twice the size of the earth came crashing into earth, we are gone. A chemical accident that pollutes the air and water, we are gone. A core explosion, we are gone. What if earth gets pushed closer to the sun, we are gone. We can think of a thousand ways, and you reading this may be much more, but we hope you get the point.

In the end, there a lot of beautiful different reasons why we should leave and explore different planets and make settlements, by only going to the moon and collecting pieces of rocks, so many discoveries were made, for example where we came from and how our solar system was born, so just imagine the endless discoveries we can make the further we go.

Please have a look at our blog, to see how society will positively advance at a rapid pace.

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